Duke – He’s amazing and extremely friendly and we love him so much! – Emily, New York, NY
Coco - Bothell, WA
One of your pups, originally Sugar, is such a delight. We are really enjoying this breed and this little girl in particular! Thank you! – Paula
Xing Xing - Portland, OR
Xing Xing is doing well. She’s a joy to have. Her favorite trip in the car is to Home Depot. She loves all the people there. Hard to believe she’s 16 months old now. Very healthy last check up was great….. – Dick and Nikki
Sophie….She is the joy of my life. – Mardel
Daiko – We love him so much! Thank you. – Dave & Vickie
Logan - FL
Logan – Thank you again for raising such good puppies. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Joe, Sara, and Logan
Zapper – We got Zapper back in August and could not be happier or love him more! – Kimberly
Padma – Padma is totally adapting to her new home. We really appreciate the time you spent with her to get her started! We have raised a litter of puppies and know it isn’t always easy. It was nice to meet you and your children. I wish we could have spent more time with you. Have a Merry Christmas! – Terri and Jack
Scarlett and Siego
Scarlett and Siego – Everything is great, the puppies are doing excellent. We are so excited to have dogs in the house again! They are so sweet! – Hiroko, Arizona

1 thought on “Reviews

  1. We absolutely love our little pokey -new name Manasseh-he is the sweetest pup
    Thank you !!
    Zoye & son :Nick
    God bless you and Happy Easter

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